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How to make single crochet stitch amigurumi (sc)

3 years ago

The single crochet (abbreviated as sc) is the most fundamental of all crochet stitches. It’s especially important because it’s the most commonly used stitch when creating amigurumi. All other stitches are typically variations of the single crochet. Mastering this stitch will provide a strong foundation for all your future crochet projects.

How to make single crochet

Instructions for Right-Handed Crocheters (American Terms):

  1. Start with a Slip Knot:
    • Make a slip knot and place it on your crochet hook.
  2. Chain Stitch (ch):
    • Make a foundation chain by creating the desired number of chain stitches (ch).
  3. Insert the Hook:
    • Insert your hook into the second chain from the hook (not the loop on the hook itself, but the next one).
  4. Yarn Over (yo):
    • Yarn over (wrap the yarn over your hook from back to front).
  5. Pull Up a Loop:
    • Pull the yarn through the chain stitch. You should now have two loops on your hook.
  6. Yarn Over Again:
    • Yarn over once more.
  7. Complete the Stitch:
    • Pull the yarn through both loops on your hook. This completes your first single crochet stitch.
  8. Continue Crocheting:
    • Insert your hook into the next chain stitch, and repeat steps 4-7 until you reach the end of your foundation chain.

Working in Rows:

  • After completing your first row of single crochet stitches, chain one (this is your turning chain), turn your work, and start the next row by inserting your hook into the first stitch of the previous row. Repeat the single crochet stitch across the row.

Example in a Pattern:

  • When you see “sc” in a pattern, it means to make a single crochet stitch.


  • Maintain consistent tension to ensure your stitches are even.
  • Practice is key to getting comfortable with the single crochet stitch.

If you have any questions, feel free to ask in the comments! We’re here to help. Happy crocheting!

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